About Jaya Badiga

Jaya Badiga Portrait

Jaya is a mother, an active community member, and a first generation immigrant. She believes the workforce that our children will enter will be very different from ours. Her priority for our children is to provide an atmosphere that encourages emotional learning in addition to an emphasis on academics and STEAM. A successful child will be one that can take that foundation of academic and emotional learning, and apply it to any situation or workplace with minimal effort and maximum rewards.

Jaya has worked for WEAVE, in Sacramento, for four and a half years. In her work with communities of color and families that are struggling with resource-needs, she saw how education is a path for upward-mobility. Her goal will be to ensure that all our schools become high-performing schools by understanding the unique barriers that each school faces in order to provide our community and families with this pathway.

Jaya's education includes a Joint Masters’ degree from Boston University in International Relations & International Communications, and a Juris Doctor degree from Santa Clara University School of Law. She will use her skills to listen to your input, and to gain consensus on both easy and tough decisions. Jaya will use her voice to ensure that the fabric of our society, our values, our diversity of thought, and action are respected and incorporated into our district.

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