Jaya's Top Campaign Priorities

Socio–Emotional Learning

Our children need to be taught skills that allow them to work well in groups and learn to support themselves and each other in a socially diverse and competitive landscape. This can be achieved through a combination of programs that expand group play, build self–confidence and self esteem, and allow children to develop a value–based, sustaining system.

Support For Teachers

For every hour of curriculum–based teaching that our teachers provide, there are countless hours of work that they put in to ensure that their students learn, perform well, and grow. Jaya is committed to finding ways to support our teachers so they don't have to buy their own supplies, and so they have more time to connect with students and parents about the child's best path for success.

Reduction In Class Size

While the district has made an effort to reduce class sizes for the lower grades, we need to emphasize smaller class sizes for middle and upper grades as well. A standard number of students does not work equally well when some schools have a much more diverse student body, or a greater percentage of English language learners.

To speak with Jaya about all priorities and postions, we recommend that you attend one of her events. For a full list of events, please refer to her Facebook page.